Probate & Trust Administration

Probate And Trust Administration

Probate is the process - overseen by the courts - of identifying the assets of the deceased, paying an estate's debts and distributing assets to the estate's beneficiaries. Through estate planning, probate can be streamlined or avoided. Where probate is necessary, it is crucial to have a knowledgeable probate lawyer on your side in order to navigate this complex legal process. 

Trust administration is a significantly more streamlined process, consisting of gathering and distributing assets according to the terms of a trust. Because trusts are more comprehensive, there are typically fewer issues that require resolution once someone dies.

The most important aspect of choosing an attorney is his or her ability to adapt to and work within the parameters of what can be a cumbersome system. This can make all the difference in saving time and preserving an estate's assets. At Drummond Wehle LLP, this is our strength, and we have the probate and administration skills that can only be gained through extensive experience.

Personal Service Throughout the Probate Process

Our firm is structured advantageously for dealing with the probate process. We have a probate paralegal who is always available to our clients, and our attorneys make a point of keeping our clients up-to-date throughout the entire process. Even if there is no new news, you will know why that is and what the next steps are.

Local Counsel For Probate And Estate Administration

Due to Florida's attractiveness to retirees, it is not uncommon for people to die in Florida with estate planning documents that were prepared in another state and never updated. We have the skills and resources to handle even the most complicated probate issues, and can be relied upon to minimize the stress for executors, heirs and others associated with the estate.

We will focus on probate and trust administration so you can move forward with your life and focus on your family during a difficult time. Call 813-983-8000 or submit our online contact form to schedule a consultation. We represent clients in the Greater Tampa area and throughout West Central Florida.

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